Born and bred into a family with generations, spanning over five decades, involved in the liquor retailing business Sanjay Fernando is a dynamic entrepreneur who has taken many steps in his journey to perfect the art of pouring the perfect glass. By launching Signature Ceylon Beverages, Sanjay provided consumers a superior service to experience the taste of authentic liquor. His commitment to delivering a premium product coupled with his ambition of crafting perfection has ‘uncorked’ his business allowing him to broaden his assortment and retail numerous ranges of spirits and wines. Sanjay’s years of experience in the industry and unrivalled managerial and market expertise helps deliver to customers a handpicked selection of both a traditional and a unique range of his exquisite product portfolio. Signature Ceylon Beverages believes that through their team’s passion and perseverance for chasing excellence, this pioneering venture is able to withhold its competitive position as a key player in the highly saturated Sri Lankan beverage retail industry.

“When enjoying the simple pleasure of a glass, be it smooth wine or rich whiskey, we are transformed to either dwell in good memories of our past or to simply appreciate the company of friends and loved ones. An aphrodisiac for any occasion, it still gives me chills to hear the clinks of ice in a glass followed by the smooth sound of a high caliber liquid being poured… It however gives me greater chills knowing that Signature Ceylon Beverages can provide customers this unparalleled sensory experience”